Does Design Matter
Is Design Important in Business?

Use design to cut throw the noise and stand out in a saturated market. A simple guide to help you stand out!

Teen on Social Media
2019 Social Media Trends

While social media started out as a channel for person-to-person communication, it has now fully evolved into a marketing platform for brands and businesses. Unfortunately, with its growth comes market saturation, so it’s important to find your way out of the noise and stand out from the competition. But how exactly do you that? Simple-

Wireframing Your Website
How to Convince Clients that a Website is an Investment

Picture this- you’re talking to a potential client who is interested in investing in your Google Pay-per-Click service, you smile, thinking this will be an easy one. You asked them the link to their website and the moment you hit Enter on your keyboard, you see what could only be described as a “blast from

life style of the business owner
Why choose a Lifestyle Business?

I once heard it said that there are 2 types of business – A high performance business, and a lifestyle business. At the time, it was explained to me in terms of revenue/turnover, the usual stuff. You know, anything south of $2mil in turnover is a lifestyle business etc. But I think like most things,

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