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Erica Pebbles

Alpha Team Lead

Hi there! This is Erica, or Pebbles, which ever you prefer. BrandStrong's designer from the sea. I enjoy reading home decor and styling write-ups. Has a sweet tooth.

A bit diverse music preference. Likes musical films and romantic comedies. Believes that we're never too old for Disney.Need some chit-chat? Be my guest!

Sprinkling you with a little pixie dust! ♡ xx

Personality: ESFJ

Ivana Tyler


Hello! I’m Ivana, I’m a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I enjoy gardening and spending time with my 8 cats. I have an intense passion for memes, BBC World, pineapple on pizza, the smell of laundry detergent, music and profiling people. Will send you photos of animals if you’re having a bad day! Call me beep me if u wanna reach me.

Personality: INFP

Ian Belza


Hi guys! It's Ian, welcome back to my channel! Oh wait.. This is not a vlog.

Anyway, if you love illustrations then you're already my friend! Most of my free time goes to creating personal projects, treating myself to the movies, reading books, and watching tv series. I nerd out over marvel comics and anime. I am not really wordy, I listen more than I talk. If you see me out in the wild, don't be afraid to say hi! I'll probably respond and give you a high five.

Personality: ENTJ-A

Karmina De Jesus

Bravo Team Lead

Hi! It’s Kaymie. I’m so bad at written introductions but I love to chat if you like outdoors, want to suggest a good movie or a song you can’t get out of your head. Oh and I like tea over coffee! Have a nice day!

Personality: INFP

Krix Merabuena

Web and Graphic Designer

Hi there! My name is Kriselle but I go by Krix. I’m a Graphic Designer and I focus on web design, UI/UX. My interests include video games, skincare makeup, movies, tv series, music, FOOD. I like to try different things from time to time. I’m not very outgoing and I usually like staying at home but I know how to have a good time. You can talk to me and get to know me more!

Personality: ENFP

Michelle Joy Reyes

Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Hi! I'm Michelle Reyes, a graphic designer by passion. I mainly do logo and branding but I can do any sort of design requirement when asked.

I'm a simple person who likes to live life to the fullest and enjoy its wonderful surprises. My interests include doing yoga, going to the beach even though I'm allergic to sea water, rewatching great movies 10x, watching gadget reviews and Team Coco remotes.

Personality: ISFJ-A