The demand for exceptional graphic design services is growing faster than agencies are able to keep up with. It only seems natural, the buying market is made up of significantly visual people, some even purchase a product or service because they found the packaging or branding aesthetically-pleasing.

But as an agency, how do you run with the increasing need for both digital and traditional design? This is where BrandStrong comes in.

With us, you can say goodbye to the days when it feels like you’re being backed into a corner- forced to hire a freelance designer who just delivers output without giving it a second thought. BrandStrong was born of a desire to solve that gap. Art is limitless- it’s imagination and creation, so we found it natural to provide unlimited graphic design services, but without sacrificing quality and affordability, without sacrificing your name.

We provide more than just artwork, we are offering you the amazing opportunity to submit as many graphic design job requests as you want. You can focus on development, programming, all the technical side of your business, while we work on the creatives, putting a face value on your services that’s worthy of recognition.This way, you can be the agency you want to be, the agency your clients expect you to be.

Imagine what you can do with unlimited graphic design for a fixed monthly fee. you read that right- no additional or hidden charges for revisions and tweaks, and you have 100% ownership of the artwork.


Zero in

To zero in on our clients so effectively so they feel
that we are as much part of their team as their
employees, and to design with a goal to provide a
solution, not just to make things "look nice".

Zero out

To zero out the pipeline while getting the job done
effectively and efficiently, and ensure our clients that
every output is on brief, on time, and on point. The
aim is to always surprise and delight our customers.


Values we live by.


We are specialists, not generalists.

Meet the amazing artists, storytellers, and gamechangers that make BrandStrong.




Operations Specialist

I am a very straight forward type of guy that has a sense of humor (I think I'm hilarious). Happily married blessed with one child, his name is Gabriel. I am fascinated with the idea and welcome discussions around The Great Pyramid of Giza, Machu Picchu, and other phenomenons that science cannot explain.

As an Operations Specialist, it is my responsibility to ensure that we are operating smoothly in a way that upholds our core values and company culture.

Personality: ISTJ


Lead Developer

Hello! I'm Nico, I'm a web developer. I love the logic and idea behind programming in general and how it can affect people's lives. I am also interested in business development and marketing. I am also amazed by artificial intelligence and the opportunities it can give to us in the future. But, what I like the most is drinking coffee

Personality: ESTJ


Graphic Designer

Hey! I'm Dessa, I do everything about Print, a Print Specialist if you want to call it that.

I’m an introvert with an extrovert mind.

I’m quiet but once we get along you can see my crazy side..

Personality: ISTJ-A


Brand Specialist

Hey! Klyde here, Brand Strategist. I usually create and plan for the brand's visual identity that will make the business stand out from the rest. I'm not that good at describing myself but I love exploring and discovering new things. Let's talk!


Web and Graphic Designer

Hey! I'm Maru, a 20 something year old idealist who's into UI/UX Design, digital marketing, and digital content.

Binge-watching is my thing, recommend something that tickles your fancy and let's talk about it for later.

Personality: INFJ


Web and Graphic Designer

Hi there! My name is Kriselle but I go by Krix. I’m a Graphic Designer and I focus on web design, UI/UX. My interests include video games, skincare makeup, movies, tv series, music, FOOD. I like to try different things from time to time. I’m not very outgoing and I usually like staying at home but I know how to have a good time. You can talk to me and get to know me more!

Personality: ENFP


Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Hello! I’m Ivana, I’m a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I enjoy gardening and spending time with my 8 cats. I have an intense passion for memes, BBC World, pineapple on pizza, the smell of laundry detergent, music and profiling people. Will send you photos of animals if you’re having a bad day! Call me beep me if u wanna reach me.

Personality: INFP


Multi-page Designer

Hi! It’s Kaymie. I’m so bad at written introductions but I love to chat if you like outdoors, want to suggest a good movie or a song you can’t get out of your head. Oh and I like tea over coffee! Have a nice day!

Personality: INFP



Hi guys! It's Ian, welcome back to my channel! Oh wait.. This is not a vlog.

Anyway, if you love illustrations then you're already my friend! Most of my free time goes to creating personal projects, treating myself to the movies, reading books, and watching tv series. I nerd out over marvel comics and anime. I am not really wordy, I listen more than I talk. If you see me out in the wild, don't be afraid to say hi! I'll probably respond and give you a high five.

Personality: ENTJ-A

Erica Pebbles

Alpha Team Lead

Hi there! This is Erica, or Pebbles, which ever you prefer. BrandStrong's designer from the sea. I enjoy reading home decor and styling write-ups. Has a sweet tooth.
A bit diverse music preference. Likes musical films and romantic comedies. Believes that we're never too old for Disney.Need some chit-chat? Be my guest!

Sprinkling you with a little pixie dust! ♡ xx

Personality: ESFJ


Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Hi! I'm Michelle Reyes, a graphic designer by passion. I mainly do logo and branding but I can do any sort of design requirement when asked.

I'm a simple person who likes to live life to the fullest and enjoy its wonderful surprises. My interests include doing yoga, going to the beach even though I'm allergic to sea water, rewatching great movies 10x, watching gadget reviews and Team Coco remotes.

Personality: ISFJ-A


Graphic Designer

Hello there! I’m Mavic and I’m a Graphic Designer specializing in print. I love watching films, series, and anime of any genre except horror. Sorry I’ll buy you popcorn instead. I can be really awkward at times, but I do love deep talks especially with a cup of milk. That’s all, see you around!


They have some amazing artists!Oftentimes we just gave them a relative uncertain direction of what we want and they draw something amazing out of their hat a few days later.

Zach ReinhardCEO, Roarlay

The team at BrandStrong are super responsive and reliable. Nothing is too much trouble and I often challenge them with out of the box requirements. Their unlimited revisions feature means you can get things just right.

Noelle BartlettActive Words Unite, Author

BrandStrong is a prime example of how the internet has empowered small businesses all over the globe! Thank you from our little Missouri butcher shop. Any small business contemplating subscribing, my advice is go for it. There work is professional and greatly helps with a brand.

Chris McKenzieDirector, Nextninety

Highly recommended, very capable design team, professional service and great results.

Christian BankheadOzark Meats

Be part of our story, let us design for you!