Answers to your Questions


What is included in the monthly fee?

Depending on the package you choose, this will determine the frequency of jobs for submission, as well as how many entities this can be for.
In terms of the design itself, any type of design that is stand alone is included.

So what’s not included?

Things such as html emails, website design, app design etc. Anything that requires coding or integration to something else is not included. If you have something particular in mind, just ask.
We also do not provide copywriting or related services. We require you to provide the words.

Where are the designers based?

Our team is pretty global. Our designers are currently based in UK, Phillipines and Australia. We’re always looking to balance the cost of providing a great service with great people.

What if I don’t like a design?

One of the beautiful things about Brandstrong is there are no charges for revisions. Just let us know what you don’t like and we’ll get it fixed up.

I only really need 1 or 2 things designed, can I just pay as I go?

We have designed Brandstrong to work as an ongoing service, to help a business meet all of their design needs. We have a specific ratio of clients to designers, which does not allow for a pay as you go service.

Can I really cancel at any time?

Whilst we would hate to see you leave, you are absolutely free to cancel at anytime. You pay each month in advance, and we are not able to provide a refund for part of a month. But there are no cancelation fees or anything like that.

Do you have any ideas/inspiration for me?

We’re constantly adding to it, but have a look at our Facebook page and our Pinterest board for some ideas. We also have a regular newsletter that we try to have fresh ideas in as well.

Can I trust you with my credit card details?

We use Stripe, a leading payment gateway to process payments. We don’t store or even see your credit card details. Stripe stores them securely for us. Read more about their security standards and practices.

What’s with all the aviation references?

We love the idea of business being like flying a plane. Everything from your ground support, to your crew to your passengers. We feel it provides a great way of recollecting something when it has a story attached to it.

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