Engaging Customers at Easter

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Easter is all about family… and chocolate!!!!

We see lots of businesses at Easter time using this seasonal message to promote themselves. But how do you do it in keeping with the main theme of Easter?

For one of our real estate clients, Advanced Real Estate, have found a great combination. They’ve decided to engaging families this easter with a fun colouring competition for kids. Now, we all know that kids are not in charge of buying the next family home, but the agent that connects with the whole family, and builds trust with them will always come out ahead. These guys are sure to get the families in their community involved with this great initiative, with a really simple, cost effective, marketing activity.

Notice how the branding element of this is quite subtle, and the fact that it is not a ‘salesy’ piece. It’s a great idea!

I’ve seen other businesses run Easter egg hunts, a movie screening of ‘Hop’ or another Easter related film, or even just giving away chocolate eggs in their reception. There all are great ways of engaging at Easter time. Love to hear your feedback, what have you tried in your business that worked, or even didn’t work?

Example Easter Flyer for Advanced Realty

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