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Who Are We?

We’re an odd bunch of strangely good looking stock (except for you Carl…sorry buddy). We’re like a mixed bag of passionate creatives and marketers…yummy I know!

I guess if you are still reading you might want me to peel back the layers of BrandStrong with a little more umm lets say ‘accuracy’. And like most creative groups we got into this gig, because we do actually dare I say it….love it (don’t judge me). 

Our gang is actually pretty tight, made up of designers, marketers and entrepreneurs who get a kick out of creating gorgeous things every day. 

We thrive on helping business owners just like you, see how incredibly transformational, marketing consistently is to their business, and its rewarding beyond measure.

No matter what stage of business growth you’re at, from just starting out to a large multi-national or anywhere between, the problems and stresses you’re facing are removed when you have more money flowing into your business.

Why Are We Driven to Help?

The simple answer is because we’ve been there and experienced first hand just how hard, stressful and down right painful it can be to grow something you love into a business. The truth is it sucked! And along the way you make like a bazzillion mistakes, you chat with friends who just tell you to hustle harder (*eye roll) and so you are constantly riding this horrible beast of either feast or famine inside your business with regards to cash flow.

Crap hey! Well we wanted to fix that crappiness and actually help people.

The Solution

In sport, have you ever thought about why professional athletes are coached?

It’s because they understand that you can either take the time to learn and understand everything to do with the sport, make all the errors along the way, and lose 10 years of your life…Or you can leverage another person’s experience and knowledge to help you navigate the in’s and out’s of the game, helping you avoid the common pitfalls and rapidly accelerating growth.

This is exactly what BrandStrong does for your marketing.

How We Help

Icon 1 Marketing Basics

We help you rapidly accelerate your marketing efforts and start growing immediately by helping you get crystal clear on your marketing basics, with clear messaging and start attracting clients.

Icon 2 Dedicated Team

We give you complete access to our team, who are dedicated to helping you offload all of your marketing requests and getting them done for you! So you can start automating your marketing and getting it done consisently.

Icon 3 Simplifed Marketing
Our goal is always to simplify marketing, so we give you access to our complete marketing resource, continuously updated and packed full of marketing ideas, tools, detailed training and how-to videos that are designed to grow your knowledge, in the shortest time possible.

Meet The Team

Carl Crowther



Creative Director


Creative Director


Digital Media Designer


Senior Print Designer


Print Designer


Project Manager


Graphic Designer


Web Designer




Brand Designer


Print Designer


Brand Designer


Graphic Designer


Web Designer




Full Stack Developer


Branding Specialist


QA Engineer

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